De-escalation Training
Preparing your team for the inevitable

At Safe Passage Consulting, we know that unprecedented and uncertain times can lead to volatile interaction.

In today’s climate with everyone feeling the stress of COVID-19, mask policies, and financial strain volatile interactions are inevitable. The question is do your team members have the tools to mitigate these interactions and defuse the situation? In our de-escalation training, your team will learn the big eight tactics of de-escalation. After we discuss in the depth the big eight tactics, your team will then put those tactics into use in some real-life scenario training. 4 hour and 8-hour sessions are available.

Why You Need
De-escalation Training

Years of combined law enforcement & military experience

Hour on-site response time to critical events

People trained all over the country

What’s Included in Our
De-escalation Training?

  • Classroom discussion and modeling of proper tactics of de-escalation
  • Scenario training with actors to practice new tactics live
  • Real-time evaluation of skills
  • Thorough debriefing at day end
  • Handouts of key reminders to keep your team on the right track weeks after the training
  • Follow up consultation to plan future levels of training
  • After action report of plan to continue employee growth

Client Testimonials
You Talk. We Listen.

In my 38 Years of Public Safety, Security and Training I can say that the Safe Passage Consulting Team certainly is providing necessary and applicable training to our communities, agencies and organizations. Providing tactics and blueprints for prevention and survival. Great job Safe Passage. I am proud to have worked along side of the team and our continued partnership.

Kevin S.  |  COSI

Safe Passage has come out this year and delivered (5) complete training sessions at our workplace on the topic of Active Aggressor. I can say that in my 23 years in retail Asset Protection that there is no better Team of Instructors and no better Active Aggressor Training Program out there. They are passionate about what they do in the fight to keep everyone safe at work and we consider them, their entire team, the training they deliver, and their partnership an asset to our organization.

Jeff S.  |  BigLots!

Safe Passage Consulting has assisted our company in multiple ways, from educating our employees with real life scenarios to emergency security services and investigations. While we found them in Central Ohio, they have gone all over the country on our behalf and our employee’s always rate their courses 5 out 5.

Keith S.  |  Limbach

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