Vulnerability & Risk Assessments
Making Your Workplace Safe

Adequate security starts with your organization’s physical facilities.

Safe Passage Consulting’s team can make your organization’s facilities more secure by conducting a vulnerability & risk assessment. Our assessments will evaluate your current safety and security procedures, identify vulnerabilities in safety and security, and provide a prioritized list of actionable recommendations supported by FEMA guidelines. The assessment will cover both external and internal property. We will review of all emergency policies and procedures and review criminal statistics and how they could impact security and safety. We have the research, training, and experience to keep your organization’s assets safe.

Why You Need
Vulnerability & Risk Consulting

Our trustworthy consultants will systematically address physical, environmental, and electronic security issues. Our primary focus is to accomplish security improvements conducive to protecting your company’s assets, minimizing the risk of future incidents, and preventing loss from external threats.

Years of combined law enforcement and military leadership experience

Types of Physical Security Consulting services

Hour on-site response time to critical events

People trained all over the country

What’s Included in Our
Vulnerability & Risk Assessment?

Safe Passage Consulting has a partnership with a reputable security systems company to provide our clients with the most up-to-date security technologies. Here are just a few of the physical security solutions we offer:

  • Access Control
  • Surveillance
  • Environmental Security
  • Security Guard Training

Access Control
First and foremost, your facilities should have barriers and obstacles to make it harder for intruders to trespass. Access control solutions include fences, gates, access control cards, biometric access systems, strategically placed security guards, and more. Our consultants can recommend the best strategy based on your facilities and the nature of your organization.

Your organization should have adequate surveillance to discourage intruders from breaching your facilities. Surveillance solutions include strategically placed cameras and microphones, intrusion detection sensors, and surveillance control rooms.

Environmental Security
Physical security also involves protecting your facilities against natural dangers like fires and environmental disasters. Environmental security solutions include smoke detectors, sprinklers, and backup systems to protect your organization’s data.

Security Guard Training
Safe Passage consultants are security experts with over 100 years of combined military and law enforcement experience. We can evaluate your security team’s current practices and provide recommendations for improvement. Think of us as an extension of your team!

Client Testimonials
You Talk. We Listen.

In my 38 Years of Public Safety, Security and Training I can say that the Safe Passage Consulting Team certainly is providing necessary and applicable training to our communities, agencies and organizations. Providing tactics and blueprints for prevention and survival. Great job Safe Passage. I am proud to have worked along side of the team and our continued partnership.

Kevin S.  |  COSI

Safe Passage has come out this year and delivered (5) complete training sessions at our workplace on the topic of Active Aggressor. I can say that in my 23 years in retail Asset Protection that there is no better Team of Instructors and no better Active Aggressor Training Program out there. They are passionate about what they do in the fight to keep everyone safe at work and we consider them, their entire team, the training they deliver, and their partnership an asset to our organization.

Jeff S.  |  BigLots!

Safe Passage Consulting has assisted our company in multiple ways, from educating our employees with real life scenarios to emergency security services and investigations. While we found them in Central Ohio, they have gone all over the country on our behalf and our employee’s always rate their courses 5 out 5.

Keith S.  |  Limbach

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